Classic Jazz Corner :: History

I first became interested in jazz when my grandfather bequeathed his entire jazz vinyl collection. He got a cd-changer and decided that compact discs were much easier to store and listen to. He also knew that I was into the “retro” way of things at that time, so he gave me his records. It was a fantastic collection to have as a young college student. My love for jazz sparked.

About a year later, I took a jazz history class at the University of Kansas taught by THE Dick Wright. This man was a legend in the jazz education world. It was a fantastic class, and I learned a great deal about the genre and its sub-genres.

This broadcast was begun in 2000, after I became frustrated trying to find a good internet jazz broadcast. At that point, the streams I found were either laden with smooth jazz or commercials.

I came across Live365 and decided to start my own station, not knowing how many other jazz enthusiasts might share my grievances. After a short bit, I become familiar with the nuances of internet broadcasting and the number of daily listeners slowly began to increase. Fan mail came in, which encouraged me to buy more and more jazz compact discs to expand my personal collection. I soon learned that what I was buying and broadcasting reverberated with a special niche of people in search of great commercial-free jazz.

Thus, this broadcast began. And, it continues to evolve as my personal collection grows, expands, and is refined. Thanks for listening, and happy sounds.