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This collection of pages was originally designed to support my Live365 broadcast, “Dr. Horner’s Classic Jazz Corner.” However,this website has taken on a life of its own and is evolving into a outpost for Classic Jazz enthusiasts.

This website and idea flow not from mere nostalgia (I was born after which most great classic jazz was recorded) but rather from the difficulty I (and, no doubt, countless others) encountered in finding a terrestrial radio station that consistently played great straight-ahead, hard bop, and avant-garde jazz.

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So, pour yourself a cup of good coffee, listen to the jazz, and explore.

Happy sounds,
Peder E. Horner, M.D. (E-mail)

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20 June 2007

CD Giveaway! Bela Fleck and Chick Corea’s “The Enchantment”

Good news everyone! Through a deal with a music publishing/marketing company, I have 3 copies of the new Chick Corea / Bela Fleck CD “The Enchantment” ready to giveaway. I’ve never done a giveaway, but, why don’t we do something like this:

Send me an email ([email protected]) with:

1) Your name
2) Your email address
3) Your shipping address, and
4) Your favorite thing about the Classic Jazz Corner (e.g., could be an artist, album, my approach to jazz programming, my site layout, etc). I’ll also accept constructive (keep it nice!) criticisms too.

If you’ve never emailed me before, you’ll probably get an email back requiring a certain simple response (it’s a spam blocker).

You might ask about privacy: Well, under no circumstance will I sell or give your contact information away. I will have to forward the information from the 3 winners to the publisher, but I’ve been told that the winners won’t be put on any email lists unless they want to.

The giveaway will close at 2359 on 04 July 2007. After that time, I’ll print off the entries and pick 3 winners out of a hat (more likely, one of my wife’s huge Tupperware bowls). I’ll contact the winners via email.

Happy sounds, and let the giveaway begin!

Peder Horner

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21 April 2007

New play list uploaded, PDXV CD Review

A few days ago, I uploaded an entirely new, smokin’ set of jazz. From the recent stats, I’ve noticed that you all are digging the play list as well. Fantastic.

I’ve got tons of new material from Freddie Hubbard, Horace Parlan (didn’t know much about him until recently), Hank Mobley, Keith Jarrett (6 disc At the Blue Note live set- amazing), Herbie Hancock, and Curtis Fuller.

My featured independent artist this month is PDXV, an up and coming jazz quintet from, you guessed it, Portland (PDX is the three digit code for Portland International Airport). They write some original material, which they play live (if you live in Portland or visit PDX, you must see them), but their cover selections are superb – which are nearly all outside the “standard” jazz repertoire. For instance, the opening track on this live album, “Step Right Up to the Bottom”, was penned by Harold Land. Another favorite is Kenny Dorham’s “Escapade” later on in the disc. Band leader Dick Titterington is confident and very impressive on the trumpet and (is that a flugelhorn I hear??). PDXV: Volume 1 is available online.

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21 February 2007

Latin Percussionist – Patato

I have to admit that I’m a real novice when it comes to Latin music. Every time I think I’ve figured out the genres and subgenres of Latin, I find another two or three to listen to. But, I digress. This is just a quick post about Carlos “Patato” Valdez, a Cuban percussionist that I recently found.

This is a great album, recorded when Patato was in his 70s. Amazing! Those rhythms are incredibly infectious.

Happy sounds,


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06 February 2007

New play list uploaded

It’s been a while since my last post, but I have been updating the play list here and there throughout the past few months with little changes. You’ve probably noticed by now that I’ve just completely changed the play list. I’ve got new material from Barrie Lee Hall, Jr, who is an uncle to one of my co-residents (thanks the CD Teri!) and a fantastic band leader (Duke Ellington Orchestra) and trumpeter in his own right.

The play list also includes the entire Freddie Hubbard album “Goin’ Up”, which is a fantastic straight-ahead album, recorded in 1960. I just love Freddie’s tone. I’ve really been listening to a great deal of his work from the early 1970s, including Red Clay, Straight Life, annd First Light.

I love that electric piano! What has happened to me? I’m just crazy for the e-piano these days, especially Bill Evans’ work in that decade. Perhaps, as I purchase more 1970s jazz, it will begin appearing on the Classic Jazz Corner play list. Watch out for that in the coming months.

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06 February 2007

02 November 2006

Complete Play List Update

Hello jazz fans:

Last week I completely updated the play list (0.5 GB) and set it in motion. I’m featuring several independent artists this month, and you should hear their fantastic music a rather good amount during the next few weeks. The featured artists are: dummer Evan Stone, pianist Roberto Magris, and pianist Sameer Ramchandran Trio (great trio debut!).

And, just for kicks, I’ve added a track from Madeleine Peyroux’s new album “Half the Perfect World,” a truly exceptional album. Most of the material on this album doesn’t fit my format, but her track “Smile” fits… barely. Enjoy!

Happy sounds,

:: peder horner ::

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06 October 2006

Review: Roberto Magris Europlane – Il Bello del

JazzRoberto recently sent me his newest Europlane disc, Il Bello del Jazz. I’ve been listening to it lot lately. You’ll be sure to hear it in heavy rotation soon on the Classic Jazz Corner. This CD is another great example of the kind of high quality jazz being recorded in, and birthed from, Italy. Roberto hails from Trieste (Google Maps), which is in northeastern Italy just at the border to Slovenia, at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea.

Magris’s playing is superb on this recording. He’s got a great ear for both melody and harmony. He proves his agility as a band leader with his ability to support the soloists so well. Herb Geller’s tone is spot-on throughout the disc, and the production sounds fantastic. Not many new CDs sound so well. It’s clean but not overproduced or sterile-sounding, that phenomenon oh so common to contemporary recordings. Perhaps it’s the Italian wine influence that makes the production sound so great.

Roberto contributes three originals: “No Sadness”, “Il Bello del Jazz”, and “Parker’s Pen.” They’re all up-tempo and give a lot of room for soloists to improvise. Jurkovich’s guitar work on the

opener is top-notch, and Engel’s bass solo on “Il Bello del Jazz” is expressive and forceful. The band really smokes on “Here I’ll Stay.” The CD also contains moments of reflection on the slower, meandering tracks “Some Other Spring”, “A New Town is a Blue Town”, and “Pretty Woman”, allowing Magris and Geller to showcase their attention to melody and grace.

Track listing:

1. No Sadness
2. Stray Form
3. Some Other Spring
4. Key Largo
5. A New town Is A Blue Town
6. Here I’ll Stay
7. Ah Moore
8. Il Bello Del Jazz
9. Pretty Woman
10. Parker’s Pen
11. Deception


Roberto Magris (p)
Herb Geller (as)
Darko Jurkovic (g)
Rudi Engel (b)
Gabriele Centis (d)

Album ratings (in blue notes):

Production: 4.5(5)
Composition: 4(5)
Improvisation: 4(5)
Groove Factor: 4.5(5)
Overall Rating: 4.25(5)

If you live near/in Los Angeles, be sure to check him out out live:
Catalina Bar and Gril (Hollywood) October 11 and 12
The Jazz Bakery (Culver City) October 16

:: Happy sounds ::

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04 October 2006

Review: Wes Montgomery – Full House

I just purchased this CD a few weeks ago and have finally had some time to really give it a good listen. As always, Wes’s guitar and method are clean and straight-forward, which is something I have come to expect from the master.

Overall, there are 9 tracks. Tracks as follows:

1. Full House
2. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face
3. Blue ‘N’ Boogie
4. Cariba
5. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Take 1)
6. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Take 2)
7. S.O.S. (Take 3)
8. S.O.S. (Take 2)
9. Born To Be Blue

This 1962 lineup is incredible, as this live album pairs Montgomery with tenor Johnny Griffin and the Wynton Kelly Trio (Wynton on piano, Jimmy Cobb on drums, and Paul Chambers on the bass). The players are on fire on this one, and their improvisational chemistry really shines. This is one live Montgomery album every jazz enthusiast should own.

Happy sounds,

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03 October 2006

New Site Layout : Blog Format

After years of procrastinating, I’ve finally updated the website to allow me to post play list changes and CD reviews much easier. The overall format is about the same, although I had to make many modifications to the guts of the cascading style sheet and master index to allow for Movable Type to do its magic.

Now comes migrating some of the older CD reviews to this new format. This will be moderately painful, but it needs to be done.

Now, on to some more great music.

Happy sounds…

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20 September 2006

Review: Freddie Hubbard – Ready for Freddie

I just purchased Freddie Hubbard’s Blue Note masterpiece “Ready for Freddie.” All original album tracks have been added to the rotation (I didn’t include the alternate takes). You’ll love them. This is one fantastic album. I really dig Bernard McKinney’s work on the euphonium- an instrument I played in high school and one that you don’t hear often in jazz.


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