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Thank you for your interest in keeping great jazz alive, well, and free on the internet. You will notice that I keep this site without annoying banner or popup ads. You deserve better than that.

When I started broadcasting this station, it was out of love for the music. This reason stands. I did not start this with the idea of making money with it nor do I have that goal today.

However, in order to provide my listeners with the kind of audio stream and web content you want, I have to pay a monthly fee as well as buy the music for the show and pay for the website domain name, hosting, etc.

I am only one person who loves the music I broadcast and want to share it with the world. I am not a corporation who broadcasts what they think you need to hear. I listen to my listeners’ requests and make music purchases accordingly.

If you are in the position to help, even in what might seem the smallest way, please do. It will serve to keep this broadcast on the air and constantly updated and expanding. I’ve set up three ways to allow listeners to support the Classic Jazz Corner:

Amazon Wishlist (purchase CD’s directly)

The best way to support the station that I can think of is to help me buy new music. I’ve set up a wishlist at for this purpose. You can purchase CDs for the broadcast, and they will be sent directly to me. I prefer this option, since what I really need now is new CDs for the broadcast.

Become a Preferred Listener at (no ads or popups!)

Another great way you can support the Classic Jazz Corner is to become a Preferred Listener at Live365 (for $4.95/month, you get to listen without pop-up ads and ad-free to any station, including the Classic Jazz Corner). They give me a small (but significant!) amount of money for each person that signs up by using a link from this website. Click here to learn more.

Send a donation via Paypal

Another great way to support the Classic Jazz Corner is to send a donation using Paypal. It’s a secure, fast, easy way to support the broadcast with any monetary amount. Just click the button below to make a secure donation.

Again, thank you for keeping classic jazz on the air.

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