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January 29, 2008

CD Giveaway! Chick Corea and Gary Burton's "The New Crystal Silence"

Great news! It's time for another CD giveaway. I have 2 copies of the new Chick Corea & Gary Burton CD “The New Crystal Silence” to giveaway. I've listened to the promo copy, and I can tell you that this is a great 2 disc set of new recordings from this fantastic duet.  It's amazing to hear these two guys 35 years after they first recorded "The Crystal Silence."

Here's how to do it:

Send me an email (peder at classicjazzcorner dot com) with:

1) Your name,
2) Your email address,
3) Your shipping address, and
4) Constructive criticism(s), requests, and/or suggestions.

If you’ve never emailed me before, you’ll probably get an email back requiring a certain simple response (it’s a spam blocker).

You might ask about privacy: Well, under no circumstance will I sell or give away your contact information. I will mail the discs from my home personally.

The giveaway will close at 2359 on 12 February 2008. Then, I’ll print off the entries and pick 3 winners out of a hat (more likely, one of my children's toy bins.) I’ll contact the winners via email.

Let the giveaway begin!


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January 28, 2008

Play List Update and New Music

Hank Mobley - Straight, No Filter Happy Monday to you all. I just uploaded a smokin' new play list, full of straight-ahead hard bop and some more classic jazz thrown in as well.

Featured are a few new CDs I've recently been given. Of note are Coltrane's "My Favorite Things", Hank Mobley's "Straight, No Filter", and Kenny Burrell's "Midnight Blue."

"Straight, No Filter" is a collection of initially unreleased tracks from Mobley's 60s Blue Note sessions. It really cooks, and it's a fantastic addition to my already large collection of Hank's work.

Kenny Burrell - Midnight BlueKenny Burrell serves up some some great "late-night" bluesy jazz guitar on this essential Blue Note disc. For someone starting a jazz collection, this is an album to buy, along with any of Grant Green's Blue Note work, such as "First Session" or "Idle Moments".

Take some time to enjoy great music this year, whether it's jazz, blues, indie rock, etc. Enjoy life with music that matters.

As Karin Bergquist from Over the Rhine sings in her smoky, sultry, voice, "I don't want to waste your time with music you don't need."

Happy sounds,


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January 2, 2008

Great New Website - Anywhere.fm

I came across a very useful website recently. I was skeptical at first, but it works very well, and it seems legitimate without any RIAA violations.

You can upload all (or selected playlists) of your mp3 library to your individual account. Then, you can "stream" each track over http. I love it for times when I'm not at home but want to listen to my music via the internet. You can also share playlists.

It even has a handy "hands free" desktop loader application.

Here's the link: anywhere.fm.

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Playlist Updated

Hey everyone. Tonight, I removed the Christmas tracks and uploaded some more Freddie Hubbard from "Hub Tones", Frank Strozier, Curtis Fuller, Jimmy Smith, and some others.

Have a great 2008! It's looking like a great year for us.

Happy sounds,


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