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June 20, 2007

CD Giveaway! Bela Fleck and Chick Corea's "The Enchantment"

corea_fleck.jpgGood news everyone! Through a deal with a music publishing/marketing company, I have 3 copies of the new Chick Corea / Bela Fleck CD "The Enchantment" ready to giveaway. I've never done a giveaway, but, why don't we do something like this:

Send me an email (peder@classicjazzcorner.com) with:

1) Your name
2) Your email address
3) Your shipping address, and
4) Your favorite thing about the Classic Jazz Corner (e.g., could be an artist, album, my approach to jazz programming, my site layout, etc). I'll also accept constructive (keep it nice!) criticisms too.

If you've never emailed me before, you'll probably get an email back requiring a certain simple response (it's a spam blocker).

You might ask about privacy: Well, under no circumstance will I sell or give your contact information away. I will have to forward the information from the 3 winners to the publisher, but I've been told that the winners won't be put on any email lists unless they want to.

The giveaway will close at 2359 on 04 July 2007. After that time, I'll print off the entries and pick 3 winners out of a hat (more likely, one of my wife's huge Tupperware bowls). I'll contact the winners via email.

Happy sounds, and let the giveaway begin!

Peder Horner

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