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March 8, 2006

Review: Upper Left Trio - Sell Your Soul Side

upper_left_trio_sell.jpgI've just uploaded a completely new play list for your listening enjoyment. The list includes tracks from Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage", a gift CD off my Amazon.com wishlist from Mr. Marshall Rogan of Medfield, MA. Thanks Marshall!

The new play list features new releases from independent artists as well. I'm really excited about the new release ("Sell Your Soul Side") from local band Upper Left Trio. I was able to catch a live gig downtown at the train station swanky restaurant called Wilf's for their album release show. They are fantastic live. They are an experimental but grounded jazz trio that aren't afraid of pushing the proverbial musical envelope when needed.

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Review: Marco di Marco and Gruppo Jazz Marca

marco_di_marco.jpggruppo.jpgThe new play list also contains some great tracks from Italian jazz artists Marco di Marco and Roberto Magris's Gruppo Jazz Marca. I think you will find that they are both accomplished musicians, who, for some reason, I'd never before heard. These are both recent re-releases by Arision Recordings from London. I really like the groove that they lay down on these albums. In fact, there has been a rekindled interest in these musicians, as electronica DJs have apparently been mixing and spinning certain songs at clubs in Europe. Both musicians have a real sense of composition and creativity. Both albums are refreshing to listen to.

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